Humus Tea Extractor/Activator with 20 litres capacity

Quantity Price: 89,00 €

Taking advantage of the extraordinary bacterial flora, the Humus contains, is achieved by formulating a liquid medium, the Humus tea.

Putting humus to brew for a few hours, at the correct temperature and with a constant and balanced oxygenation, we are able to extract from the humus its huge biological activity, we exponentiate this activity to much higher level and are able to get then the compost tea, a biological activity carrier that serves to fertilise or even spray in order to provide soil and plant a protected biodiversity feed.

The result is verified by the increase of soil and plant health, thus withstand much more invasive pests and secondly multiplying the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen which together with other nutrients will allow more vigorous plants, healthy and if the case 0op-beautiful organic produce crops.

Offer of 9 litres of humus.

Quantity Price: 89,00 €

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