Red Composting Worms

Red worms Eisenia foetida, also known as "Californian red worms" are composting worms that turn organic kitchen waste, waste from the garden and even manure and livestock bedding, an extraordinary bionutriente to soil and plants, the Worm Humus!

We sell the living earthworms, by net weight, i.e. they are weighed alone and then added to the travel substrate, that does not include food.

Each package has species of all ages without a defined proportion.

Please note that the worms ingest daily about half of their weight, so during transit they may lose between 25 and 50% of their weight, but will recover rapidly when refed.

Thanks to our organic travel substrate, developed exclusively for this purpose, we ensure the survival of the worms, at least for a week, within our closed packaging.

We ship all mondays and Wednesdays through "CTT Express Mail" delivered within 2 working days.

Order in advance!

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